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Company History

Currently Stedco Engineering serves a broad spectrum of needs in an ever-growing marketplace with
primary markets involvement in the following areas:

  • Energy, Oil and Gas - Oxygen and H2s sensor components for the oil industry, E- glass and Composite Machined components used in Fracking Systems.
  • Medical –Making Nickel components for nebulizer systems and plastic components using Peek and Ultem engineering materials.
  • Automotive- Specialty tools. OEM and Aftermarket.
  • Aerospace- Metrology and test fixtures for use in laboratories at ALCOA plants. Parachute components for FXC and Guardian Parachute. Sewage & waste water system components.
  • Commercial Industrial- Water Treatment plant components, Automated Closing and Strapping Systems, Motorcycle aftermarket.
  • Military- Energy Management systems components, Night vision system components.

Since 1979, Stedco Engineering has provided expert consultation in CNC machining, engineering consulting, and prototyping. Our sophisticated computer-aided design, in-house tooling capabilities, and manufacturing knowledge combine to help you meet the demands for rapid introduction of products. As a result, Stedco Engineering has gained an outstanding reputation with commercial, military, automotive, aerospace and medical industry customers, and enjoys long-term relationships with all our clients.